Strong Ground Motion – Scenarios

I. Mazzieri, L. Melas, C. Smerzini, M. Stupazzini (2018). The role of near-field ground motion on seismic risk assessment in large urban areas. In Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 16 ECEE 2018, Paper No 1024.            

China, Beijing, Shunyi & Tongxian faults

Data available in the OneDrive repository. If you want to get the access to the data please write an e-mail to speed.polimi at R.Paolucci, I. Mazzieri, A.G.Özcebe, C. Smerzini, M. Stupazzini,  M.Infantino (2017). 3D Physics Based earthquake scenarios in Istanbul for seismic risk assessment. In Proceedings of the 16th […]

Turkey, Istanbul North Anatolian fault

Guidotti R., M. Stupazzini, C. Smerzini, R. Paolucci R. and P. Ramieri (2011), Numerical study on the role of basin geometry and kinematic seismic source in 3D ground motion simulation of the Mw 6.3 Lyttelton earthquake on February 21st, 2011, New Zealand, Seismoll Res. Lett., Volume 82, Number 6, pp. […]

NZL_2011.02.22_12.51lt_Mw6.2 (Christchurch earthquake)