Young researcher in industrial mathematics

Ilario Mazzieri ha vinto il premio della SIMAI “Young researcher in industrial mathematics“.
La commissione giudicatrice era formata da
Maria Esteban, Presidente ICIAM
Dietmar Hoemberg, Presidente ECMI
Wil Schilders, Membro Beard ECMI
che si è espressa all’unanimità a favore di Ilario con la motivazione seguente
Ilario’s work on the numerical approximation of elastic wave propagation combines new and efficient numerical methods with important applications in seismology. He is the main developer of the discontinuous Galerkin spectral element code SPEED for the simulation of large scale seismic events. By now this code is used by many academic and industrial institutions, thus showing the impact of Industrial Mathematics for seismic hazard assessment, an area relevant to insurance companies as well as for the society as a whole.